Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kyle & Caitlin: engagement shoot...

Kyle and Caitlin are getting married in a little less than a month and I am really looking forward to their big day! I got to know them even better a couple weeks ago when we met up at Pittock Mansion for their engagement shoot. Even though the forecast said rain we decided to go for it, and I am so glad we did. It stayed clear throughout our time at the mansion and then we went down to the waterfront to do some more shots of this awesome couple and a few with their equally awesome dog, Kahlua. The thing I loved the most was the constant laughter going on between the two of them. For me laughter = love. :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Danny & Lisa: engagement shoot...

A little over a week ago I met up with Danny & Lisa at Forest Park to do their engagement photos. They are getting married in a few weeks at Postle Waits (One of my favorite wedding venues) so I am glad we were able to do these photos before the big day. Danny has been in Iraq and recently returned home and it was wonderful to see Lisa and Danny together and the obvious love they have for each other. I can't imagine the difficulties of having your loved one away at war, but it was very clear that it has only made their relationship stronger and they are so happy to be back together. I had a great time with Danny & Lisa (and Danny's adorable daughter Taylinn). Especially towards the end of our shoot when they rolled up their jeans and stepped into the cold water.
Thanks Danny & Lisa! I can't wait for the big day!

Harper on her way...

Brennen & Kiana are expecting their first baby girl and they have decided on the name Harper, which I love. They were married last September and I had such a fun time shooting their wedding day, and last week when we took these photos it was another super fun day behind the lens with this couple. They are such a great pair, a perfect match for sure, and they are ALWAYS laughing. It is always my biggest challenge to get a "serious" photo of these two... that's a good thing! Here are some of my favorites.

Thanks so much Brennen & Kiana! I can't wait to meet baby Harper and take her photos too!